Bushfire animal care donations accepted at Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital

January 12, 2016

MUVH staff with donations already collected

MUVH staff with donations already collected

Members of the public concerned about the animal victims of the bushfires in Western Australia’s south west can donate items at the Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital (MUVH).

Hospital staff will take in the donations and distribute the goods to the emergency response teams they are liaising with.

“We have all been deeply shocked by the extent of the bushfire and we understand the impact it can have on pets, wildlife and livestock, as well as their owners,” said Yvonne Markey, nurse manager at MUVH.

“We want to assist in any way we can and so we are accepting donations of stock on behalf of emergency response teams and local veterinary clinics in the shires of Waroona and Harvey.

“Veterinary clinics are welcome to donate veterinary supplies and the public can donate general items, like pet food, bedding and blankets.”

Ms Markey said that items that were not used would be stockpiled for future natural hazard emergencies.

The hospital is also available to see animals affected by the bushfires either from the public or affected clinics that might need support, added Ms Markey.

The hospital’s Equine Centre is already working closely with Murray Veterinary Services to treat injured horses that were trapped near the town of Yarloop as fire tore through the area last Thursday.

“We are very concerned about our vet and nurse colleagues in the areas affected by the fires and we want to help in any way we can with what they may be going through,” said Ms Markey.

“They are dealing directly with injured animals and wildlife and need to comfort distraught owners.

“It is very important in these emergencies that there is a coordinated response. We will continue to work closely with emergency response teams to best support the important work they are doing in the areas affected.”

Please bring any donation items to the reception areas of the hospital, which are open 24/7, where staff will be happy to help.

Items requested include:

  • Medications used for burns treatment and wound management – Flamazine; gauze; wrap and bandaging material; IV fluids; Viscotears; sorbolene cream; sterile saline, any others.
  • Chux wipes and alcohol rub handwash, hand wipes.
  • Scissors; tape; marker pens; temporary identification tags.
  • Towels; bedding; blankets; horse coats/blankets; newspapers.
  • Pet carriers/ cat cages and plastic tubs for relocation of wildlife.
  • Honey; bottled water and water bottles for guinea pigs and rabbits.
  • Food for animals including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses.
  • Bowls – plastic or metal, large containers for food and water.
  • Kitty litter trays and kitty litter.
  • Dog leads and harnesses, horse harnesses/halters and lead ropes.
  • Hay nets; fly nets.
  • Dog and cat toys.

MUVH cannot take any monetary donations to help animals in the bushfire at this stage. These should be directed to the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund: http://www.appealswa.org.au.

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