Biosecurity and food security pact signed with Africa

September 6, 2013

DVC Research Professor David Morrison, Professor Shashi Sharma and Professor Kevin Urama.

Murdoch University’s Centre for Biosecurity and Food Security has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with African Technology Policy Studies (ATPS).

The MOU is centred on increasing collaboration, interaction and knowledge sharing to address farm productivity, research innovation and the development of policies for biosecurity and food security in Africa.

ATPS Executive Director Professor Kevin Urama signed the agreement with Murdoch University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Professor David Morrison.

Professor Morrison said, “We are building alliances with key institutions globally and seeking access to broader intellectual resource pools to develop long-term strategies and options for safeguarding and enhancing the efficiency of food value chain.”

The Centre will have a core role in education and capacity building to meet the growing demand for knowledge and future expertise in biosecurity and food security.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Shashi Sharma, Chair, Biosecurity and Food Security and the University for the opportunity to sign this MOU,” Professor Urama said.

“ATPS views this as a good opportunity to jointly develop and implement applied policy research in areas of common interest. Biosecurity and food security is very important for the continent of Africa and Australia, so there is a lot for us to learn together as we walk together.”

Professor Urama stressed the need to share knowledge and experiences in addressing key issues and to accelerate the delivery of research in terms of bringing innovations and new technologies into practical use.

The ATPS network works through National Chapters in 30 countries, which bring together researchers, policymakers, private sector stakeholders and civil society actors to promote Africa’s science, technology and innovation capacity today for sustainable development tomorrow.

Professor Sharma said working with ATPS would help further his Centre’s 3-P approach involving how to produce food in a sustainable manner, how to protect it from loss and how to produce food for regions and communities in a bio-secure and safe manner.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with such an influential organisation, one which advocates and supports our shared vision for a bio- and food-secure world throughout the African continent,” he said.

“Together we can address issues of global importance which affect the lives of billions.”

More information on ATPS can be found here. To learn more about Professor Shashi Sharma’s work, go here.

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