Asia Research Centre in Japan

November 29, 2012

Emeritus Professor Richard Robison

A team from Murdoch University’s Asia Research Centre has given an analysis of Indonesia’s current political situation to representatives of some of Japan’s largest corporations and key government ministries.

Professor Vedi Hadiz, Dr Ian Wilson and Emeritus Professor Richard Robison addressed a forum in Tokyo which was organised by the Japan External Trade Research Organisation (JETRO) and its Institute of Developing Economies (IDE).

They also presented papers at an international conference on Islamic politics held in Tokyo as part of a larger program of collaboration between the Asia Research Centre and IDE/JETRO.

Specialists on Islamic politics from Japan, US, Europe and the Middle East were at the conference, working with Murdoch researchers to prepare a manuscript for submission to an international publisher early in 2013. The IDE team is being led by Professor Khoo Boo Teik, who is also a Fellow of the Asia Research Centre.

This new research will extend that already published internationally by the Murdoch team and which is providing some original insights into the nature of Islamic politics.

Professor Hadiz, who is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and Professor in the Asia Research Centre, is undertaking the first comprehensive studies of Islamic politics that offers a comparison of the Middle East, North Africa and Indonesia.

Dr Wilson is undertaking a highly innovative analysis of the connection between Islamic politics and the rise of informal urban social and political organisations.

Studies of how different forms of Islamic politics are connected to deeper economic changes across the Islamic world have also been published by Professor Hadiz and Emeritus Professor Robison in leading international journals.

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