Asia experts helping shape future foreign policy

March 23, 2017

Murdoch's Asia experts are helping shape future foreign policy.

Murdoch University academics have addressed key foreign policy issues in submissions to the Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

The contributions by five fellows from Murdoch’s renowned Asia Research Centre (AsiaRC) will help to shape DFAT’s upcoming Foreign Policy White Paper – the first such white paper in 13 years.

The White Paper will provide a road map for advancing and protecting Australia’s interests in a dynamic, complex and unpredictable international environment over the next decade.

Dr Jeffrey Wilson, Associate Director – Indo Pacific Policy Engagement at the AsiaRC, said the Centre was well-positioned to contribute to this nationally-significant policymaking exercise.

“The AsaiRC Is one of the leading institutions on political, economic and social change in the contemporary Indo-Pacific,” said Dr Wilson.

“Centre Fellows contributed to DFAT’s roundtable discussions, as well as making formal and more detailed written submissions for the consideration of the DFAT White Paper Taskforce.

“Our submissions reflect the breadth and depth of our expertise in Australia’s role in Asia, and the Fellows’ engagement with national and regional policymaking.”

A compendium report of submissions from five AsiaRC Fellows has been produced and is available on the Murdoch University website. The submissions address a diverse set of policy areas: environmental security, science diplomacy, language and education initiatives, religious radicalism and trade policy.

“While their content is relevant to a wide range of countries, Indonesia features especially prominently, reflecting the Centre’s internationally-recognised reputation as a leader on Indonesia studies,” said Dr Wilson.

“This is particularly timely, given the centrality of both Western Australia and Indonesia to the Indo-Pacific architecture emerging within our region.”

Submissions to DFAT were made by Professor Kanishka Jayasuriya, Associate Professor Carol Warren, Dr Ian Wilson, Professor David Hill and Dr Jeffrey Wilson.

The White Paper is due to be published by DFAT in mid-2017.

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