A win for environmental restoration

August 30, 2010

Murdoch University’s Environmental Restoration Group (MERG) has successfully obtained $26,000 of external funding to help support its biodiversity conservation efforts.

MERG is a volunteer group made up of students, staff, alumni and community members.  The group is actively involved in maintaining and re-planting remnant bushland and wetland vegetation at Murdoch’s South Street campus.

As part of the 2010 round of Community Environmental Grants from the State Government, MERG has just received grants of $11,692 and $15,000.

Murdoch’s Environmental Programme Manager, Caroline Minton, said: “The $11,692 obtained under the Biodiversity Conservation category will be used to purchase much-needed tree planting equipment and conduct extensive weeding in the Melaleuca Swamp, a conservation category wetland.”

“The $15,000 obtained under the Regional Parks category will fund maintenance of previously installed nest boxes for endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos, seed collection for rehabilitation, and extensive weeding of the Banksia Woodland and Chelodina Wetland Reserves.”

Ms Minton said MERG had been increasingly successful in obtaining grants in recent years, which have included funds for fencing reserves, seed collection, nest box installation and weeding.

“The group has been extremely proactive in assisting the University in eradicating invasive weed species and planting and restoring habitat for Carnaby’s cockatoos,” she said.

“More than 6000 native trees and shrubs were planted in three different wildlife reserves on campus this year by University, MERG and community volunteers, as part of the University’s comprehensive habitat protection program.

“Many of the seedlings were purchased through funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for Country grant obtained in 2009, and grown from seed collected using an Environmental Community Grant in 2008.  The latter also paid for fencing of the Chelodina Wetland, completed earlier this year.”

Anyone wishing to join MERG or get involved in its ongoing activities should contact Co-convenors Neil Goldsborough neilgau@yahoo.com.au or Caroline Minton c.minton@murdoch.edu.au.

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